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How to add camera to your account

Dear customer, thanks for choosing our products. Please take reference of following steps to add camera to your account. PS: if you don’t have an account yet, just register it firstly when you open the app.

Step 1

Click the icon “+” at right upper corner or button “Add” to enter selection of device type.



Step 2


Find your model purchased and click it.



Step 3


Power on the device and click icon “Next”



Step 4


Reset the device and click “Next”



Step 5


Select your Wi-Fi network and click “Next”



Step 6


This step is for making camera get network information by scanning the QR code produced by APP. Please click icon “Next”.



Step 7


Scan the QR code until your hear a tone and click icon “Next” then.



Step 8

Camera starts to connect Wi-Fi and please wait it until 100%. Then you will see your camera at device list and enjoy your smart home life!