Home Security Cameras for Apartment Renters

More and more people tend to find suitable security cameras for apartment renters. As an apartment renter, security is something you should take into account.

Security cameras not only act as a natural deterrent to wannabe thieves and home invaders. It can also trigger alerts whenever there’s a movement, with an alert to your smartphone.

Now in this post, we’ll discuss in concise detail which are the best security cameras for renters, which camera is best for indoor or outdoor purposes.

Meanwhile, we will stand from the perspective of a professional security camera manufacturer, and discuss how to choose a suitable security camera for renters. What are the factors that need to be considered?

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Security Cameras for Apartment Renters: 4 Factors to Consider

Power Source

For apartment renters, wireless security cameras are highly recommended. They are basically simple plug & play devices.

Unlike wired cameras, with extension cables that must be connected to an electrical system, and where you need to hire a professional to install the wired camera.

Wireless cameras work with Wi-Fi. The video and audio signal is transmitted over the internet to a receiver that connects to your device for viewing and recording. In this case, you only need a cable, to plug this into an electrical outlet.

Easy to Install & Removable

Wireless security cameras for apartment are more ideal for renters. As they’re easy to install. Just mount the wireless camera on a wall or ceiling, Rotate the camera at 360 degrees to get the needed viewing angle. Then download the app from your mobile, create an account, and set up the device, which is your camera.

There’s less chance that you’ll damage your landlord’s property by drilling holes into the wall. And you won’t need long cables. You can set up the wireless camera yourself. Just make sure the camera is plugged in and near a router. Scan the QR code. Then connect to a wi-fi network. Choose the settings according to your needs.

Wireless cameras are portable. Just unplug the camera, and you can carry it to your new place.

Are you doing constant recording or event recording?

If your apartment is an area classified as low and moderate traffic, it’s better to do Event Recording or Motion Recording. The IR sensor system has sensors that are Passive Infrared and detect heat from moving objects.

Here, the camera is in standby mode and records only when it detects the movement of objects that emit heat, like people, vehicles, animals. If leaves fall, there’s no heat in the movement, so the camera doesn’t record. When you’re doing motion recording, you choose where to effectively store the video, whether to store it in an SD card, NVR, your computer, or in the cloud.

  • If you’re monitoring your children, 24/7 Recording or Constant Recording is the better option. Constant recording is also good for areas classified as high-traffic.

No Long Term Contract

Contractual agreement traps are the worst. The good news. There is an absence of a long-term contract which leaves you free to choose the right package for your needs.

Plus, your stay in your apartment is temporary, there is no long-term contractual nonsense. You only pay a low monthly price for monitoring services and enjoy all the customization perks to your advantage.

Security Cameras for Apartment Renters- Indoor Use

#1 – Arenti M1 1080p Indoor Camera

This security camera is also known as a baby monitor. It records your child’s movements and keeps your baby in its sight, wherever you are.

It has 2-way audio, with a microphone built into the camera, so you can talk to your baby anytime. You can voice command, either Alexa or Google Assistant, to show the room of your baby.

baby camera for apartment renters
  • Records footage in superior 1080p at full High Definition quality
  • Night vision: the camera has an infrared sensor that provides clear recordings, with live streaming at nighttime. So it effectively guards your baby, pet, family, whether it’s day or night.
  • AI-Powered detection of sound and motion: because it is a baby monitor there is also crying and motion detection. The M1 notifies you instantly on your smartphone when it detects abnormal sound or movement. You can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection, to avoid false detection like the movement of insects.
  • You can customize your settings, monitor, and control your Laxihub cameras in one phone app. Invite your family, friends, or someone close to you, to download the Arenti app, so you can share access to your camera. You can cancel the option to share, anytime.
  • Online video storage for 3 months in Cloud, is free. The M1 camera has a longer capacity than other cameras; it can record a 60-second video clip, showing the entire event, starting when motion was first detected. You can save the video on the cloud for 72 Hours, by enabling your device for cloud storage.

#2 – Arenti IN1 fixed Indoor Camera

The IN1 camera detects human sound and motion, when an intruder enters an area where entry is not allowed, that is, abnormal movement or sound, Artificial Intelligence instantly sends notifications to your smartphone. To avoid false detection, such as the movement of insects, adjust the motion detection sensitivity.

indoor security cameras for renter
  • Provides 110-degree viewing.
  • You can turn off cameras while using the wi-fi with your mobile phone; the cameras will sleep while you’re home.
  • You can set it up with your android devices; download the Arenti app on IOS, Android stores; you can see and talk as you do live to stream. There’s a built-in microphone for two-way audio.
  • You can also do voice commands for live streaming with Google Chromecast and Alexa gadgets like Amazon Echo.
  • Free 3 months storage in Cloud; with 60-second video Clips. You can save the video to the cloud, for 73 hours, by enabling the service for cloud storage.

Security Cameras for Apartment Renters – Outdoor Use

#1 – Arenti GO1 Outdoor Camera

The GO1 is an intuitive smart camera that has a built-in AI motion detector that whenever someone approaches your premises especially your door it’ll automatically turn on, and with its two-way audio, it makes your life easier by keeping you safe as you talk to your visitor.

outdoor security cameras for renter
  • Wireless camera with a rechargeable battery; connects to an app through your 2.4GHz band for Wi-Fi connection over a longer distance.
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Standby time is 180 days
  • Similar features to indoor cameras: are motion detection, AI-powered; with 3 months of free storage in the Cloud.
  • Night vision: This outdoor security camera records footage in clear 1080p full HD within a 165 wide-angle. The built-in infrared sensor supports clear recordings and streaming in low-light scenarios to guarantee 24-hour surveillance, both night and day.
  • Easy installation: needs no complicated tools.
  • 2-way audio. You can see, hear and converse with your visitor, using the phone App. Can record the video and audio conversations.
  • Can last 2 to 5 months with its rechargeable battery.
  • Durable, waterproof, weatherproof: IP65.