How to Keep Thieves Out Of Your Yard?

The yard is very much a part of your home and no one wants their yard to be pillaged. Yards can have some really pricey tools and furniture pieces. Hence, it is important to look after its security and keep thieves out of your yard.

You can try different ways to protect the yard from various types of security breaches such as vandalism, robbery, and theft. Theft and burglary can not only take away your precious and expensive belongings from the yard but also can ruin your landscape to a great extent.

There are different ways by which you can level up the security of the yard and make sure it is well-secured and protected all the time.

keep thieves out of yard

7 Ways to Keep Thieves Out Of Your Yard

No doubt, you will never want a security breach when it comes to your property. This is not only for the theft but also for the security of your house and your family.

In order to restrict the intruders from entering your property and to keep the yard safe, you have to take some important measures.

These measures can be the best ways to keep the burglars, thieves, etc. out of your property. But how to do that?

Here are 7 different ways that can help you to keep your yard completely safe and protected from robbery, theft, and vandalism:

1. Install Lights to Protect The Yard

One of the most important things that you have to do is installing proper lights to ensure your yard is safe. Places that are dark and don’t have many lights are more prone to vandalism, robbery, and theft.

A thief doesn’t tend to steal from places that well illuminated. Hence, it is important to install lights throughout your yard and ensure that they are always lighted up.

This makes the potential thieves be aware of the fact that people are there, and they can get caught too. Also, lights help to record clear footage in the CCTV cameras.

yard security light

2. Security Cameras to Keep Yard Safe

Having said the last line, the next most important step that you must take is to install security cameras.

Make sure that you are installing high-quality cameras for keeping a close watch on your yard 24/7.

Place the security cameras in such a way that there is no blind spot. It is better to choose a wire-free security camera so that it could be easier to install and not so striking.

These security cameras can record videos by motion detection. Also, a place that is under camera surveillance has a lesser risk of vandalism or theft than the places without a security camera.

prevent yard theft

3. Have a Dog

Dogs can be the most loyal member of your family. They are only the best companion that you can ever have, but they are also the best security guard you can have.

There are some of the best security dogs that you can have to look after your yard and ensure that it is safe.

For your yard security, you can have dogs like Rottweiler, Doberman, or German shepherd. They are the best guard dogs and can be properly trained for providing security and protection.

The German shepherd is considered a family dog as they are quite friendly with the family members and can be furious if they sense any kind of security breach.

4. Hide your Valuables

You have to be conscious about your belongings too. In case there are any valuable things that are lying outside in your yard, hide them or bring them inside.

You don’t have to keep them outside and lure the thieves into your yard. After all, prevention is better than cure.

So, you have to make sure that you are keeping your valuables protected and secured in your house. These include anything that can be easily stolen. But don’t worry about the furniture. They are too bulky to be stolen so easily.

5. Install a Fence to Secure Your Yard

While it is important to keep your yard safe and protected, you have to install fences.

The fences can be different materials but make sure they are sturdy enough to keep the intruders away.

Nowadays, fences are available in different choices that you can choose from to match your design tastes. But make sure to choose something which is not easily climbable. You can also install security alarms on the fences for extra protection.

keep yard safe with fence

6. Install Security Alarms

As mentioned just above, security alarms are important and they can play a vital role to make yard secure and safe.

These security alarms come with sensors that can sense any movement or motion. Hence, it can detect whether anyone has entered or crossed the fence to come inside.

Once it senses the motion, the alarm goes on alarming the members of the house. The same can be installed in the pool or near the gate. This can safeguard your yard and keep the burglars and thieves away.

7. Put up Security Signs to Scare Thieves

Many people often have a question in mind – do these security signs work? The answer is yes!

Putting up a security sign can effectively deter thieves and burglars. You can install different security signs such as – “Beware of Dog” (if you have one); “Stop – Authorized personnel only” or “This property is under camera surveillance” etc.

yard security sign

These signs work as a reminder or a warning to those who have an ill-intention to enter into the property. They are aware of the fact that the property is under watch 24 hours.


These are some of the best and most effective ways to keep thieves out of the yard. You can either use one of these or it is better to use all of them or a few of them.

The best way to secure the yard is to have the security cameras installed along with the fences and security alarms.

Make sure to invest in some great high-quality security cameras and alarms to keep the yard perfectly safe and secure.

These simple steps can be quite efficient and effective in deterring thieves or burglars from your yard. You can also hire a security guard in order to increase the security of your yard.