Should Home Security Cameras Be Visible

Even a few years ago having a security camera in the home was very common and easy.

This is because modern security technology is developing faster and faster, and it does not cost a lot of money to install a home security system.

Secondly, many cities, neighborhoods, and communities have also become unsafe and therefore there is a need to secure homes more than ever before.

In this case, many homeowners have a question: should I keep my security cameras visible or hidden?

Should the Security Camera be visible or be hidden?

With so many choices available, while buying a good camera could be a tough decision, installing the camera in the right place is also a confusing task for many.

While you must keep in mind your specific needs before choosing a security camera, you also must have a reasonably good understanding of whether you wish to keep the camera hidden or visible.

Hiding a security camera or keeping it visible is a personal choice and it is the customer who has to decide whether to go in for a security camera visible option or a security camera hidden choice. Both the options are unique in their own ways and have their own positives to offer.

What Benefits With Visible Cameras?

Here are obvious reasons why a few people believe that keeping a security camera visible is a good decision.

  • They can be easily installed, and you don’t have to make special arrangements for installing them.
  • Discreet security. When a security camera is visible, it obviously sends signals to wrongdoers and mischief-makers. They will know that each and every move of theirs could be watched and recorded. Hence, they would prefer to stay away from such houses.
  • They act as a deterrent even when the homeowners are not around. The reason is quite obvious because of the people who are looking at your home with the objective of burgling or causing some harm to the inmates.

What Benefits With Hidden Cameras

Here are some reasons why some people prefer to go in for hidden cameras.

  • The advantage of stealth is perhaps the biggest advantage when it comes to hidden cameras. It not only protects the home from intruding and snooping outsiders, but also from others who may be visiting your home regularly for various purposes.
  • You can keep the hidden cameras away from the eyes of people who visit your homes. Security cameras these days are very small, and therefore they can be hidden behind flower bushes or camouflaging. Many security cameras are painted to perfectly match the background and this makes it almost impossible to notice.
  • In fact, it also can be kept hidden from family members so that their activities can be monitored, though it may not always be ideal to take this route. Many parents, by keeping the cameras hidden, monitor their children and the kind of activities they are into.

Therefore, hiding a security camera or making it visible is a question of choice and passing a judgment as to which is better may not be the right way forward.

Camera Recommendations

Let us now have a look at a few suggestions of security cameras which we hope will be helpful to customers and prospective customers.

Arenti GO1 – Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera

This is considered to be an effective, affordable, and value-for-money outdoor security camera.

It has many interesting and exciting features. It comes with a high-quality 1080 resolution. Further, it also has other interesting takeaways like night vision facilities.

It also helps the homeowners to have a look at the insides of their homes in real-time. You also have a two-way audio talking facility when using it indoors. It helps capture each and every moment sharply.

Arenti O1 – IP65 Water Resistant Outdoor Security Camera

This is a high-quality outdoor security camera with a number of exciting features.

For example, it comes with virtual AI support, two-way audio features, sound and motion detection, and most importantly all-weather protection. It also comes with night vision capabilities which makes it quite a good choice.

prevent garden theft


It is clear, keeping a security camera hidden or visible depends on the preferences and needs of the end-users.