The Best 7 Tricks to Secure Garden

Having a garden nowadays can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, enjoying the flowers and their aromas during the spring and the long, hot summer nights, being able to observe how our garden grows little by little and bears fruit thanks to our constant care or simply stopping to observe it and enjoy the variety of colors and shapes it offers us, are just some reasons why anyone should have a garden in their life; even if it is a tiny one.

protect garden

Now, what would happen if suddenly your garden started to disappear overnight? What if your flowers were no longer in place and your pots were empty and lying on the ground one morning? Surely you wouldn’t want to experience that and you would feel really frustrated and robbed. But it happens, it does happen.

Currently, there are thousands of reports of theft in community gardens in big cities because although they are very nice to see, they are in sight of anyone who passes through that area and that, unfortunately, ends up posing a risk: because anyone can see what’s inside and plan to steal it during the night or during a moment of the carelessness of their owners.

The best tricks to make garden secure

What to do then? Resign ourselves to having to suffer the constant loss of flowers, fruits, and pots in our garden? No, of course not. There are a wide variety of easy-to-implement tricks that will help make your garden safer from thieves and make it much more difficult for them to sneak into your property at night and uproot your plants. Do you want to know them all and stop suffering the thefts from your neighbors?

Below we explain them in detail!

Increase the lighting in your garden

When do most burglaries occur in a community garden? At night, because it is the time of greatest darkness and it is much easier for thieves to enter and leave your property without being seen. To prevent this from happening and to allow them to take advantage of the lack of light at night, I recommend that you install a series of low energy bulbs (preferably motion activated) throughout your garden, so that when someone is prowling around the area they will activate and alert you that there is an intruder.

On the other hand, by adding more permanent landscape lighting to your yard you will also be scaring away potential thieves, as they will prefer to go to a darker, less secure location.

Install surveillance cameras

Most burglars look for unprotected properties where it is easy for them to get in and out safely, so they will always look for those gardens that do not enjoy any surveillance system that can alert the owners of their presence and end up calling the police. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to keep them at bay is by doing just that, installing some sort of video surveillance system that will provide you with security and prevent them from ever wanting to try stealing from you again.

There is also the option of making them believe that you have cameras installed, placing two or three fake cameras that are highly visible from the outside, and make them believe that the garden is really protected. If your budget is limited this is a great option that also works.

prevent garden theft

Install heavy pots and planters

Let’s not fool ourselves, we all like to save money, even when it comes to creating a beautiful garden. However, this can also be detrimental to your security because instead of buying more sophisticated and expensive gardening equipment, such as concrete or ceramic pots, we buy small plastic pots, which are much easier to steal and transport.

Therefore, if you really want to avoid the continuous theft of flowers from your garden you will have to invest in much heavier pots that make it impossible to carry them in your arms (or at least make it a little more complicated).

Keep all your gardening tools safe and secure

Another of the main targets of garden thieves are the tools we use for maintenance or while enjoying a meal outdoors: shovels, sands, rakes, fertilizers, barbecue grills, etc. Sometimes we get overconfident and after using all these tools we leave them lying around the garden without any kind of security or order, which will make it much easier for thieves to get in and take them away.

The best way to avoid this? Using security methods that allow us to store all these tools and keep them away from the eyes of intruders: chains, padlocks or wires are some of the most effective and cheapest resources that we can install for this, being very easy to install and aesthetically quite acceptable.

Place your flowers strategically

We all like to grow beautiful flowers, such as roses, tulips or carnations, but it is precisely the beauty of all these flowers that will attract the attention of thieves in your area and make them try to enter your garden more often. Does this mean that we should forget about being able to grow beautiful flowers? No, we will simply have to learn to grow them in strategic places to keep them away from the eyes of thieves.

If your garden is large enough to divide the growing areas, I recommend that in the front part closest to the outside you grow flowers or vegetables of little value and without flowers, while in the inner area closest to the entrance to the house you grow all the beautiful flowers you want. This is a simple and effective way to prevent others from knowing the contents of your garden and wanting to take it away for their use and enjoyment.

Grow unfamiliar and rare vegetables

Many thieves choose to steal from gardens that grow commonly used vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes, or beans because they are easy to resell on the black market and everyone will want them. However, opting to grow unfamiliar and “unappetizing” looking vegetables will keep them away from your garden, and they will opt to go somewhere else easier.

Install a fence in your garden

This is a resource that many people avoid because of its high cost and because it is not very suitable for landscaping, however it is one of the most effective to keep thieves away from gardens (especially if we live in a busy area and everyone can see our garden from the street). In addition, installing a fence will not only make your garden safer from burglars, but it will also keep animals or insects that want to get close to your garden and flowers at bay. It’s well worth the investment!

These are the seven best tricks to keep your garden security. Don’t hesitate to put them into practice and start enjoying the best security to protect the garden!